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It takes a chunk of change to put out Xine: about $1000 per issue. Why so high? Because we pay a fair wage for all of our material and all of the services that make it available to the community. If we can’t do this ethically, why do it at all?

We’d love to make more issues—I’d love to do this monthly!—but that’s going to take funds to make sure everybody who works gets paid.

If you are also like-minded Cortex fans who’d like to see more Cortex stuff out in the world, well you can help us out with cold, hard cash.

You can contribute to Xine’s continuing publication through Patreon, Ko-fi, our storefront, and direct sponsorships. We’re using a “fill the jar” fundraising process where all funding goes into “the jar.” When there’s a grand in the jar, we make a new issue!

Patreon ( is the closest thing to just buying a subscription to Xine. You’ll get monthly updates for how much is in the jar, and when a new issue drops, all patrons will get a copy in their email.

Ko-Fi ( can take one-time donations if you saw a cool thing in Xine and want to give us a ‘thank you’ that we can spend. Ko-Fi also takes recurring donations if, for whatever reason, Patreon doesn’t work for you. ( archives our issues, which are always available as Pay What You Want. You want Xine issues in your account, accessible wherever you happen to be, this is a great option. If that includes a little filthy lucre towards the next issue, that goes into the dev jar with everything else.

We’ll happily take commissions for specific topics: you basically cover the costs for developing that article and we include it in the next issue. You can arrange for those commissions through the comment form below or on our Ko-Fi page.

If you’d like to sponsor a whole issue, we’d love to talk with you about that! Sponsorship will get you a very hearty thank you, an ad in the inside front cover, and an article on whichever topic you’d like to see. Get in touch with us through the comment form below.

No matter how you contribute, or even if you contribute at all, we’d love to have you along for the ride!

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