Xine is Coming

Xine is our love letter to the Cortex RPG Community. It’s a compact little zine filled with punchy articles, professional art, and all manner of dice pool gaming goodness.

And it’s coming out in one week: May 31st!

We are incredibly excited to put together the world’s greatest (and, admittedly, only) Cortex RPG Community zine. The game itself has always been superlative; the community that’s organized around that game even more so. Compiling and polishing top-notch articles for that community is a dream come true.

Xine and all its content will be released under the Cortex Community License, which means all of its articles are ready to use not only in your home games but also in your own Cortex projects. We love the community’s sharing vibe and we’re eager to start contributing to our favorite Big Pile of Game Stuff.

Xine is also, and will always be, free to download.

The first issue of Xine is packed with five high-octane articles by Cortex designers old and new. In the following week we’ll be teasing each one, so stay tuned.

Speaking of staying tuned, sign up for our mailing list to get pinged the moment a new issue of Xine drops (and nothing else: this list is just for new releases). The signup form is at the bottom of this page.

If you want more Xine updates beyond releases, including progress updates towards the next issue and sneak peeks on who’ll be in it, check out our support page.

We’re excited to launch this zine and we’re excited to have you along for the ride with us.

Happy Gaming!

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