Xine One to feature DisemBARK by Lynn Jones

The animals on the ark survived, but the Shepherd who gathered them did not. Now you, in all your furry, feathered, or scaled glory, face a new dawn in a Catastrophe-wracked world.

Build a home and survive in DisemBARK by Lynn Jones, the capsule game of Xine One, which debuts May 31st!

The “capsule game” is a super-short game that goes smack-dab in the middle of Xine, so when you open up the zine, it naturally falls open to this ready-to-rock game.

When I asked Lynn to write up a capsule game, I told him that our issue theme was “Beginnings,” which he could adopt or ignore to whatever degree suited the game he’d write. He came back with “what about the animals coming off the ark and beginning a whole new world?”

Which is not what I was expecting.

I am a big fan of surprisingly different ideas, though, and when the first draft of the game came back, it blew me away. It was unique, it was grabby, it had surprising amounts of depth. I wanted to play it immediately.

With formatting, our projected wordcount for a two-page game turned out to be far too big, and the “capsule” game spilled over to another spread. Oh well! It’s a great game, and I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it!

Inevitable plug: if you haven’t already, get on that release mailing list to hear when Xine One and DisemBARK drop!

While you’re here, we’ve got a character file for DisemBARK!

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