Xine One’s “Mod Corner” hosts Wil Hutton talking Zones and Zone Distinctions

Are your tactical players zoning out during your Cortex game? Zone them back in. Split scenes into tactical zones, assign zone distinctions, zone complications, and zone traits.

Make Cortex crunch with Get Into the Zone, a mod article by Wil Hutton, in Xine One.

“Everybody talks about zones in Cortex but nobody ever implements them.” That changes today—or rather, next Wednesday.

Wil Hutton (AKA @rivetgeek) has put together a compact article detailing how to put zones into your Cortex game. This was, I think, the first article we planned to include in Xine, and I really liked what Wil came back with.

I won’t spoil the details of this two-page article, but I will say that this piece makes me think we’ll start seeing Cortex maps in the future, and everybody loves a good map. I’m excited.

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