Xine One Sneak Peek: Quick & Dirty Pathways by Jasmine Barlow

Got characters for a new Cortex game and no starting situation? Is Pathways big and scary? Do you have three index cards?

Kick off your game with Quick & Dirty Pathways by Jasmine Barlow. In Xine One!

Count on Jasmine Barlow to take a big, complicated chunk of game and magically reduce it to a single page without losing anything important. You’ve no doubt seen her character sheets that encapsulate a whole game. But for Xine One, she took on Pathways.

Jasmine’s article has taken the gloriously sprawling mess that is Pathways and distilled it down to a piquant three-questions-on-three-index-cards dollop of awesomesauce.

I expect this to become the default means of kicking off a Cortex one-shot; it is so tight and packs a punch well above its weight class. It can also launch a long-running campaign with a complex situation that binds together all the player characters and gets the story started on the right foot.

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