Xine’s Bringing a Friend: Cortex Lite

Cortex Lite is a complete tabletop roleplaying game, created as a sleek and simple example of a game built with Cortex Prime, a toolkit of rules which serves as the “engine” for many other games. Cortex Lite is designed as a “generic” RPG, a basic system you can use to run games in any setting.

Weighing in at just 32 pages, Cortex Lite packs a powerful punch. It’s also professionally illustrated and—if I do say so myself—really pretty.

And as with Xine, Cortex Lite is both free to play and free to use in your own Cortex projects. It’s all part of the Cortex Community Licensing!

But why is Xine producing Lite? Simple. Lite will afford Xine a sort of foundational baseline for future articles and games, a presumptive basic level of how-the-game-works that we don’t need to include in every single article, over and over again, in the very tightly-constrained zine format. Lite lets Xine fly.

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